Thanks for checking out my blog!

What is the purpose? It’s to share my experiences in the world with the world. I travel within the U.S. and also throughout the world and I don’t want to forget the things I do, people I meet, and experiences I have. I used to write a travel journal but now I enjoy blogging. I used to live in Summit County, CO but I recently moved down to Denver which gives me even more new experiences to write about. I bought my domain in February 2010 and this blog has been live since 2007 first on Blogger and now on WordPress.

Live, learn, play…

love to snowboard. I work for an awesome online ski shop which now carries snowboards! I work with ShredUnion.com, a rad social networking website for snowboarders. In college I was the Vice President of our snowboard team. I managed our social media accounts (here is the website & Twitter), worked with team sponsors, and organized competitions. We competed in the USASA or United States of America Snowboarding Association’s grassroots snowboarding competitions. 2009 was my first year competing because I had never heard of it before. I went to Nationals in 2009 for slopestyle and in 2010 I went for slope and boardercross. When I’m not snowboarding, I longboard, bike, and run.

My current set up:

Sled- Rome Gold 151 (’13)        Bindings- Rome Madison             Boots- ThirtyTwo

Previous gear: sleds- Roxy Ollie Pop 145 (’08), Gnu BPro 149 (’10), DC BFF 148 (’08-09), K2 The Mix (’06), K2 Skylla (’03)     Bindings- Bent Metal (’03)    Boots- DC, Burton Lodi

Longboard: Bustin Boards Spliff

While some people dabble, I’ve been known to “dunk.” When I’m interested in something, I learn all about it and really try to master it. I always throw myself into things if I like them.


I’m very involved in the peace education organization CISV International locally in Denver, nationally, and internationally. I’ve been involved since I was little. I’ve spent about 14 years participating, leading, and training. Check out the International website at www.cisv.org or the U.S. site at www.cisvusa.org. Leave me comments or email me if you’re interested in learning more or getting involved.


I completed my undergrad (BA) at Boston University in May 2010. I graduated in 3 years instead of 4 because I like to work hard. I studied International Relations with a focus on Environment and Development and European Studies.