Ooo La La, a new helmet and Okemo

What up, What up?!

I got my new helmet from Bern yesterday.

I gave the guys at Bern a couple different options for the helmet I wanted. They sent me this one (one of my choices). I realized that its the pro model for Priscilla Levac. Oh, and I met her last week. SO cool. I really like the helmet. Its got the EPS padding which is the highest level that Bern makes. This is also the helmet that is approved for snow sports and action sports so if/when I hit my head again, the helmet will take it better and I’ll be able to continue wearing it.

The Berkeley helmet that I had was the zipmold technology. The way that zipmold is supposed to work is that if you hit your head, especially with a lot of force, the helmet is supposed to crack. The crack not only spreads the point of impact to dampen the blow on your noggin but also shows you that you shouldn’t wear that helmet again. I think if you wear it again, you will be sort of protected but really, you should get a new one. So I’m very stoked to have my new Bern helmet. By the way, Bern is one of the BU Snowboard Team’s sponsors so I am a little bit biased but I’ve worn other helmets before and I still like Bern the best.

Now the only thing I need is some Cilla to wear with this kickin’ helmet. The Cilla stuff keeps you warm and dry, is made from ecofriendly materials, and is straight up baller. Going to get my hands on a tall tee soon enough, the only problem is finances.

This weekend I’m going up to Ludlow, Vermont with a huge crew of snowboarders to Okemo. Most of the kids are on BUST which is sweet. Another cool thing that’s going down is that I’m screenprinting bandanas for everyone. Hopefully I’ll be able to do that in Boston but there is a good chance I’ll be doing it in Vermont. I’ll post a picture or two when I get back.

We’re staying in a house that sleeps 20 but we’re actually bringing around 50 people so its going to be an interesting weekend. We’re leaving this afternoon and then coming back on President’s Day. This will be my third and perhaps final year of doing this trip. Its never let me down in the past so I’m sure I’ll have a swell time. Keep an eye out for my Twitter updates….

Teaser? More like a mini-sample

This is not nearly up to my ability but its the only stuff I have. So, here’s some continuous shots put together with some music. I’m just posing for the camera on a box. My friends and I found the “continuous shot” feature on the camera and we were just playing around. I also wanted to put something on my new Vimeo account. I wanted one so that I can comment on other people’s cool movies. Enjoy…

Snowboarding Clip from Traveloutloud on Vimeo.

This was shot at Okemo Mountain in Vermont during President’s Day Weekend.

February Wrap Up

Well February is finally over and I’m thrilled. Its not because I have some problem with this specific month, its just that I’ve had SO much to do with snowboarding. I competed in 2 competitions so I had to a) prepare myself b) coordinate all the travel arrangements and c) represent. Then we also had the President’s Day trip which was bananas. Its the most fun I’ve had this year thus far. I love snowboarding and being an officer. The thing is, when I’m doing snowboarding stuff or thinking about snowboarding, I’m not doing other things. I’m not studying a little more, visiting office hours, hitting up the gym, chillin’ with other friends, cleaning my room, doing laundry, or doing homework. Thus, February was SO chaotic! I was always trying to catch up on my school work rather than proactivly do it. Life is so much more stressful when you are playing catch up. When I was snowboarding I had a rauchusing good time but I knew that other important work was looming. Next month will be different.

The great thing about March is that it basically starts out after Spring Break. I’m going to Tremblant in Canada with some of my snowboarding buddies. Its going to be amazing. When I get back I won’t have as much snowboarding stuff to do, won’t have as much peace organization stuff to do (because I’ll have finished it prior to break), and all of my classes start up again. By start up, I mean, they aren’t going to be testing me within the first 2 weeks. I have a big history paper due at the end of March but it is not a research paper, it is an analytical paper. I should get started on that right when I get back from break. I also have a business research paper and presentation due in April but most of the work is going to be done in March to make my life easier in April (when all other classes get busier). I’m excited to have more time after spring break to do work and evenly spread out my leisure time. I will be more productive in all aspects of my life and relaxed because true vacation does that to me.

-peace out

Brief Update

Life’s pretty crazy right now. It’s not out of control, its actually very IN control. Strangly enough everything is going great. A couple weird social things are going on but other than that, good times. My 5 classes are generally interesting and generally not too demanding as long as I keep up on my work during all free time during the day. It is a major adjustment from last semester. Tues-Thurs suck a lot. I mean, I learn a lot but the solid days of class really get me down. I am a lot more stressed and irritable during that time. Mondays and Fridays I feel good, I feel like I can start new projects or pick up on old ones (like say—blog). But I know this feeling is short-lived so the time isn’t as blissful as I’d hope. The weekends are great, basically a never-ending party. Friday I go to Hillel for services and dinner, then I go out. Saturday I wake up early chill in my room all day and then go out. Sunday, I go snowboarding. Its a great way to spend my weekends. Another reason why I like Mondays and Fridays is that I get to go to the gym. I basically built it into my schedule to go to the gym for an hour those mornings after French. Its so much more difficult to get to the gym after a full day of class, especially because on Tues and Thurs I have ceramics, which I generally don’t leave until 6 or 7pm, which is at the CFA and backtracking just doesn’t do my soul well. I could go straight from the CFA to Fitrec but, I don’t like the idea of leaving my backpack in a cubby. Plus after that extremely long day I am exhausted and hungry. If I worked out, I’d have to go to west and eat that crap they leave out right before it closes.

I might just be making excuses, I don’t know. But recently, I’ve been more aware of my feelings, trying not to just do things because I know that they are the right thing to do. This has been getting me in trouble socially. If I hang out with some person and not another, they get annoyed. …So I was just going to give more examples about how I’m getting into trouble socially but I realized that it is always the same situation. Because my time is so valuable now, at least my free time, I have to decide how to spend it and not everyone is ok with it. They want me to hang out with them, not hang out with them, not hang out with their friends, or some other variation. Its difficult sometimes because if I try to go talk to them, they won’t be around. Its also difficult because I am clearly running a different life this semester than last– I just don’t have the mental capacity to deal with other people’s bull or their needs (by needs I mean, I can’t take care of people like I used to). At least today, I feel like the new me- the time pressed me- is a touch annoying to some people whereas, I wasn’t before. Maybe its just because I fit into their schedules better last semster. Its difficult.

Its also difficult because I just don’t care enough to kill myself to keep some friends. I have SO many aquaintences on campus and also a lot of good friends that if one person decides to drop me, I’m not going to dwell on it. This is not because I don’t care, its just that I have other opportunities. Its not like I’m a baller, a big deal, or some other hyphy digitype, its just that, I know how I deserve to be treated– exactly like I treat others. And since I treat others with respect and as little passive aggressiveness as I can, I believe I should be treated in the same way. I know that nobody’s perfect but I’d like to keep some clutch friends who hold the same values about friendship and general human interaction (like my roommate).

So that was a bit technical, sorry to bore you. Maybe you’ll find my ideas about psychology interesting. I believe that I’m an incredibly rational person which turns people off because they might see me as cold. But hey, if you meet me, you’ll know that that is not true. I’m a lot of fun.

To conclude, my studies of Judaism have not diminished. I really like going to services. I feel the desire to go to experience this whole other culture I never knew existed. Its strange for me because I’ve never experienced religion like this before.

I guess my dad’s laziness is hitting me. He doesn’t especially like doing busy work and I feel thats exactly what one has to do in college. I learn so much from lectures and class discussions and from living with a diverse student body that I feel like homework is just obnoxious. If I could speed up the years to when I graduate, I would. Full on, fo realz. Even though I highly enjoy the weekends and the awesome discussions I have with kids, its just like, I’m ready to grow up. I’m ready to be a mature, responsible, contributing member of society. Its not exactly the most common sentiment you’d hear from a freshman undergrad, but hey, I’m not normal. If I could speed up time, still remember everything I did and learned, I’d do it in a second.

Now I know something you might be thinking, not so brief chica. Well I know, I just got a little carried away. As for the traveling and exploration, the trips to Vermont are my experiences. They’re great. President’s Day weekend we’re going to Okemo to stay 30 people in a house nearby. I’m quite sure that college debaughtery will take place. After that I’m going home for a planning meeting. Then for spring break I’m going to Bamff in Alberta, Canada for a week. Now THAT will be an experience. I’m so excited to explore there, you have no idea.

Still to come: the ’08 primaries, comprehensive party analysis, JIAN, lists, the Writer’s Strike, the Grammys, and general updates. Stay tuned–