Complete: Project 365

I’m done! I’m done! I’m done! As I thought, I had to stretch the project to the end of July. Now I can stop compulsively taking photos every day (but maybe I still will as it has become a habit). In total, I had to make up 44 days. I’m thinking of doing stats like

number of…

  • days with snow
  • photos with people
  • photos with buffalo mountain in them
  • food photos
  • animal photos
  • snowboards

We’ll see where this goes. I’m thinking of starting again on September 1 but maybe I’ll wait until January 1.

[In case you were wondering, that is a photoshop edit of my own. Shut up- I'm learning]

Project 365 Update

Day 376: The Day of Nines



I am very close to finishing my photo project, Project 365. I am past the date of June 6th which was the intended end date. However, I missed a bunch of days in the past year. I am treating this like snow days- I have to make up the days I missed. Every photo is numbered by the actual day. So I’m past 365 but I only have 329 pictures. I have 36 photos to go. Assuming I can take a photo every day, I will be done on July 17. I leave for Bali on July 20 so if I miss a couple days, it won’t be the end of the world.

I hope you find this interesting and take a look: TraveloutLoud Project365

Blog Fail

I’ve truely been failing at this blog. Still Twittering away though! Seriously using Twitter has been amazing. I can say what I want any time of day. It takes more effort to blog here but you know, I still enjoy doing it from time to time.

I’ve been updating my Project 365 pretty regularly. I’ve lost fewer days in the last couple of months than I did in the beginning. Its really a baller project because I’ve been so many places in the past 200 or so days. I went from Boston to Korea to Colorado with stops in Canada, Michigan, Iowa, and Cincinnati.

I’m going to try to update more often as there are so many things going on in my life. Its hard to update though because I spend 40 hours a week (actually 48 hours a week during January) on the computer at work so when I get home the last thing I want to do is open my laptop.