February Wrap Up

Well February is finally over and I’m thrilled. Its not because I have some problem with this specific month, its just that I’ve had SO much to do with snowboarding. I competed in 2 competitions so I had to a) prepare myself b) coordinate all the travel arrangements and c) represent. Then we also had the President’s Day trip which was bananas. Its the most fun I’ve had this year thus far. I love snowboarding and being an officer. The thing is, when I’m doing snowboarding stuff or thinking about snowboarding, I’m not doing other things. I’m not studying a little more, visiting office hours, hitting up the gym, chillin’ with other friends, cleaning my room, doing laundry, or doing homework. Thus, February was SO chaotic! I was always trying to catch up on my school work rather than proactivly do it. Life is so much more stressful when you are playing catch up. When I was snowboarding I had a rauchusing good time but I knew that other important work was looming. Next month will be different.

The great thing about March is that it basically starts out after Spring Break. I’m going to Tremblant in Canada with some of my snowboarding buddies. Its going to be amazing. When I get back I won’t have as much snowboarding stuff to do, won’t have as much peace organization stuff to do (because I’ll have finished it prior to break), and all of my classes start up again. By start up, I mean, they aren’t going to be testing me within the first 2 weeks. I have a big history paper due at the end of March but it is not a research paper, it is an analytical paper. I should get started on that right when I get back from break. I also have a business research paper and presentation due in April but most of the work is going to be done in March to make my life easier in April (when all other classes get busier). I’m excited to have more time after spring break to do work and evenly spread out my leisure time. I will be more productive in all aspects of my life and relaxed because true vacation does that to me.

-peace out

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