Sorry about the lack of posts, but here are some pictures!

I haven’t been writing recently because I’ve been super busy with school. Well, school, snowboard team, and looking for a job. I’m trying to get a job in the snowboard industry (contact me if you’ll have something in May 2010!). I’m willing to move anywhere. I’d prefer Vermont or Colorado because I know people in those states but I’m open to the Northwest and SoCal too. To do this I’m working connections and trying to figure out how to get into the SIA conference in Denver this January.

Some updates about my life:

I visited Newton:

Post office American flagallyway

I ran the Boston Race for the Cure 5K near the Seaport World Trade Center:

finish line. you can't tell but there were thousands of people here

I attended the Cool Story and Get Real premieres put on by BLVD at the Other Side Cafe:

Get Real & Cool Story BLVD Flyer(I don’t have pictures because it was dark and there isn’t a flash on my phone’s camera.)

I’ve read books, watched movies, attended 2 poetry readings for a class, and been to a toga party.

It was pretty sweet. I’ll try to update more often…

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