Busy busy busy

Its been a really busy few weeks. I traveled to Cincinnati for the CISV USA National Board Meeting. It was great to see old friends and network with people in person. We often talked about how it was great to put a face to an email address. Oh the joys of technology.

Speaking of technology, my friend told me he joined Twitter recently so now his life is totally integrated. I told him I’ve been on that plan all year. Its a good way to keep track of things and share whats going on in my life or things I’m finding out on the web or (gasp) in the world. I’m hoping that all this online social media will help me connect with someone who wants to give me a job.

Speaking of jobs, I heard back from Teach for America. I actually bypassed the phone interview and was invited to the final interview. I definitely support the cause that we need to close the poverty gap but I’m just not sure I’d like to teach. I’m going to keep researching it and figure it out.

Speaking of research, I’m going to start researching the history of CISV USA’s Junior Branch. I thought about doing it for course credit but BU doesn’t have a good variety of 2 credit classes. I just need 16 credits this next semester and then I graduate. There is no need for me to take 18 credits, plus snowboarding (managing the team and competing), plus looking for a job, plus working on other CISV stuff. Oh right, plus its my SENIOR YEAR! so there are a lot of extra social activities that I’ll want to partake in.

Speaking of partaking in social activities, Halloween was amazing this year. I went out on Friday and Saturday night to parties. Also on Saturday I went out to Beacon Hill to check out their festivities and then there was a BU Men’s Hockey game. We lost but it was fun to be at the game in costume. Oh yeah, I was a party superhero. I called myself Captain Solo. I had a utility belt. Did I mention that I made my costume? It was pretty boss. I had a cape so of course when I ran around I had to throw the cape out. It was pretty windy on Saturday night too so I would hold my cape partly in front of me and let it flap in the wind (think, standing at attention). My powers included: making the party generally better, improving party atmosphere, making people better at beer pong, and keeping the police away with my essence. I made a lot of people smile with my ridiculousness.

Sweet street

Awesome old building

John Kerry

Oh yeah and I saw Senator John Kerry at his house with his wife taking pictures and handing out candy.

Bike and Lamp

One particularly decorated street

Enough with the “speaking of” but I started the pattern and figured I’d continue it. I’ve found that since I’ve been so busy these past 3 weeks, I haven’t been able to get to the gym or go running. Literally 4 out of 7 days a week I woke up at 6:30 or 7am and immediately started studying (when I say immediately I mean after my coffee) then went to class and whatever events I needed to go to and then continued studying until around 11pm when Chelsea Lately came on. I’m so burned out. I need to work out though to increase my energy. Tomorrow perhaps but definitely Friday. I have an exam on Friday morning that I have to study for all day tomorrow. I have a short lull in the craziness and then it begins again. I have term papers due in the first two weeks of December and then exams mid December. Sounds stellar right?

Ah well, I’m really lucky to live the life I lead.

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