Goals for the Season

I recently read an article about a rider’s goals for the snowboarding season and I thought I’d write my own. I can’t remember which website it was on, I just followed a link on Twitter. It was a legit snowboarding site though (as far as I can remember).

1. Rails & Boxes- I plan to get better at boardslides (frontside and backside). I have to work on spinning on them and curved stuff too (so far I’ve only done straight forward flat and down rails).

2. Spins- I plan to throw spins like a maniac and actually land them. I’ve been working on the body motion and shoulder rotation on my longboard so hopefully that’ll help me.

3. Jumps- I plan to gun it and freak myself out on jumps. I’d rather not case them but knuckling sucks just as much. Landing has never been a problem for me, its more the enthusiasm to not take speed checks.

4. Competitions- actually try to do well, not just show up. Also, along with slopestyle, try the boardercross on for size.

Bonus- get a job in the snowboarding industry (contact me!)

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