Things going on

Last weekend I began freaking out about what my life is going to be like after graduation, not so much about hating having a job, but more about not having one yet. Then my mom calmed me down. So now I’m going to stay in Boston over the summer (not go home to Michigan, yea!!!) and look for a job from here. I hope to get a job in Boston if I don’t get one working at a mountain somewhere. I don’t want to be a liftie or work in the food industry, I’d like to work on the business side of running a mountain maybe working in marketing or human resources.

Since the stress of hunt was overwhelming when I also have tough classes and snowboard team and everything else in my life, I’ve stopped looking for a while. I think part of my bad luck comes from searching too far in advance and part of it comes from the bad economy.

I’m trying to get my studies in order right now. If you’ve been following me on twitter, you’ll have seen me tweeting about all the work I’m doing and accidentally thinking a test was on Thursday instead of Tuesday. I’m still graduating in May so don’t worry.

In other news, the Boston Marathon is on Monday! I can’t wait. This is one of my favorite holidays of the year. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet but its a little early to be planning. I have to go get either a) my digital camera fixed or b) a new digital camera to capture the action. I dropped it a couple weeks ago and since then it hasn’t worked. If I can get it fixed for a decent price, that might be the best option. If its going to be $50, I might as well get a new one considering the old one is four years old, missing some screws & plates, and only 7 mega pixels which is really old technology. Plus, the old one has a spot on the lens that won’t go away. So after I turn in my country report on Guatemala tomorrow in class, I’ll head over to Hunt’s Photo & Video for a prognosis.

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