Paying off

Guess what I found in my inbox today? Oh, Columbia wants me to try out one of their new Omni-Heat jackets. Sounds good to me! Just another way social media is working out for me.

In other news, life is good. I talked to my Dad the other day and he was like, “Katie, you sound so happy,” with a surprised sound in his voice. Yeah, I mean, I moved to a city where I don’t know anybody but I adjust pretty easily. Living in the house is great because its a house, not an apartment. My roommates are interesting and active. My party porch is coming along nicely with Christmas lights. Throwing my ipod speakers in there makes it like a little groovy oasis.

My job is working out well. I’m getting into the groove and making friends with people who also work there. And that’s all I can say about that…

There was a wicked snow storm today which made me happy. I also bought Dunkin Donuts coffee and pressed that this morning. I didn’t think it was too strong but I was buzzing all day long. I think the combination of that fluffy white stuff and the coffee worked in symbiosis to make me ecstatic and energized at the same time, all. day. long.

Loveland opened yesterday. I got my board all set up and put my gear together. I almost went but then I found out it would be $49 for a lift ticket. Heck no. That doesn’t work for me. That’s more than a gym membership here in Summit County. Arapahoe Basin opened today so I’ll be there on Saturday shredding it up. Then Sunday is Halloween. I’m not sure what the deal is for Halloween out here yet but from what I gather, I need a costume and there will be parties. Any ideas for a costume that is cheap to put together would be greatly appreciated.

In other news, I’m now the Executive Youth Trustee with CISV. That means I’m the liaison between the youth side of the organization and the rest of the national organization. This means I get to be more involved in the peace education organization that I love. I get to meet and work with lots of neat people and travel to cool places around the country and the world. Thus far I’m going to Dallas, Jacksonville, Cincinnati, and Bali. WhoWHAT?! Yeah, I’m a lucky kid. Rest assured, I will travel out loud.

Did I mention that I LIVE in the mountains?! Living the dream for real for real.

2 thoughts on “Paying off

  1. I got one of those mails from Columbia, too & I’ve heard some other people getting them as well. I guess they’re trying to re-invent their brand or something. But whatever, free jackets are cool. Or free anything!

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